CATEGORY: Andropause
  • Try Low T Therapy before Resorting to Viagra

      If you’re struggling with symptoms of erectile dysfunction, your doctor may suggest a prescription for Viagra or another pill to restore sexual capability. Erectile dysfunction may be caused by many factors, including an inadequate amount of testosterone, or Low T. San Diego men who have low testosterone levels also have a variety of other […]

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  • Irritable Male Syndrome: Mood Swings in Andropause

      Everyone in San Diego is familiar with Pre-Menstrual Syndrome in women, or PMS. The hormone fluctuations experienced during a woman’s menstrual cycle can make her moody and irritable before her period. New research is showing that men may experience something quite similar: Irritable Male Syndrome, or IMS. Moody Men Irritability in men has been […]

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  • The Truth about “Male Menopause”

      Everyone is familiar with menopause, the phase when a woman’s body experiences a drastic hormonal change as her monthly cycle stops. However, not many people are aware that men go through a similar, if much less publicized, change in hormone levels as they age called andropause. This “male menopause” can be treated through male […]

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  • Is Andropause a Real Thing?

    There are certainly those who wonder whether andropause really exists. In this era of new-age remedies, it may seem like there’s a “syndrome” for every ailment that comes along. But that doesn’t mean that legitimate issues, like andropause, should be marginalized. Andropause is a very real thing, with far-reaching symptoms. Symptoms of Andropause Andropause doesn’t […]

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  • Are You Experiencing Andropause?

        Men going through andropause in San Diego should seek out a doctor who can guide them through the entire testosterone treatment process. Low T treatment can help fight the effects of aging, particularly hormonal imbalances that often lead to reduction in cortisol and testosterone hormones in the body. Sedentary lifestyle, poor fitness, nutrition […]

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