Are You Experiencing Andropause?



Men going through andropause in San Diego should seek out a doctor who can guide them through the entire testosterone treatment process. Low T treatment can help fight the effects of aging, particularly hormonal imbalances that often lead to reduction in cortisol and testosterone hormones in the body.

Sedentary lifestyle, poor fitness, nutrition quality, high stress levels, and environmental toxins along with an increased life expectancy pose a greater challenge to the male body, with the testosterone-producing glands having to work harder, which results in hormonal imbalance over time. This often causes reduction in testosterone levels, leading to andropause symptoms. Often known as symptoms of male menopause, andropause affects men in different ways, causing:

•    Concentration problems
•    Irritability or moodiness
•    Fatigue, Low energy
•    Low sex drive
•    Increased fat deposits
•    Hair loss
•    Difficulty recovering from exercise

Significant reduction in testosterone levels as a result of andropause can pose a risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Andropause can be treated with male HGH (human growth hormone) therapy or Low T therapy, both of which focus on restoring hormones to optimal levels. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle can further improve your overall wellbeing and help maintain your testosterone levels.

For treatment of andropause in San Diego, a specialist in hormone therapy is the best person to provide information about your options. The doctor will determine how your testosterone levels fluctuate and how deficiencies can be improved to enhance all aspects of your life.