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schedule a free consultation

Have your testosterone levels
tested in our in-house lab.

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immediate evaluation

Receive results in 30 minutes
and start treatment
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simple treatment

Treatments will be
mailed monthly.

symptoms of low testosterone

Lack of Energy
Loss of Muscle and Fat Gain
Decrease in Strength and/or Endurance
Decrease of Life Enjoyment
Decrease in Libido (sex drive)
Depressed mood

quick results

In just a few weeks, you feel more vibrant and energized, with more muscles mass and increased sex drive.

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natural approach

Our treatments are founded on the use of natural, bioidentical hormones to protect your health.

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local provider

Created by a local San Diego MD, the Total T Clinic program relies on a team of specialists in Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

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From Our Patients

"Total T Clinic's health program has surpassed our expectations. The accessibilty and responsiveness of their customer service staff has been very impressive."

Steve Peterson