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Q. What is the TOTAL T CLINIC program?
Geared specifically for those who are suffering from a reduced quality of life due to age-related hormone changes and other imbalances, the TOTAL T CLINIC blends bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) with improved nutrition and lifestyle modification to improve the symptoms of hormone imbalance.

Q. What are bioidentical hormones?
Bioidentical hormones function exactly like those we produce in our own bodies. They can be delivered in topical creams, oral medications, or injectable solutions.

Q. Where do these natural hormones come from?
The pure bioidentical (human identical) hormones are extracted from plants or synthetically manufactured. What is important is that it is IDENTICAL to your body’s hormone molecule. We prescribe all the natural hormones at our clinic.

Q. Who makes the bioidentical hormones?
TOTAL T CLINIC sends a prescription to a local Compounding Pharmacy. The Pharmacist has been making bioidentical hormones for over 20 years. The Compounding Pharmacy acquires the pure pharmaceutical-grade hormones and compounds them into the form and dosage ordered by TOTAL T CLINIC as pills, capsules, liquids and creams. They are prepared specifically for you, making your treatment program customized and personalized.

Q. Why do men need testosterone replacement?
As men age, production of the hormone testosterone begins to decline. This leads to symptoms of low hormone production, called andropause. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for maintaining mental focus, energy, metabolism, muscle mass, fat levels, and sex drive. By balancing a man’s hormones with bioidentical hormone therapy, men can restore their vitality and reduce the symptoms of andropause.

Q. At what age should an anti-aging program be started?
Our body’s natural hormones begin to decline in the early 30’s, and symptoms of hormone imbalance are frequently present by the mid-30s. Men in their 40’s and beyond are good candidates for hormone replacement.

Q. Why doesn’t my doctor prescribe bioidentical hormones?
Many doctors do not have the time or the resources to seek expertise in bioidentical hormone replacement. The clinicians at TOTAL T CLINIC have specific training in bioidentical hormone therapy and have specialized knowledge in the field of anti-aging medicine.

Q. Will hormone therapy help with stress?
High stress levels are very common in individuals with unbalanced hormones. Regulating hormones with bioidentical hormone therapy can help to decrease stress levels and increase general feelings of well-being.

Q. Will hormone therapy help with my low sex drive?
Yes. A deficiency of testosterone, estrogen, or other types of hormonal imbalance can cause a low libido.

Q. How long will it take until I see results?
In as little as 30 days, the programs can lead to dramatic improvements. Over the course of several months your aging can be slowed and your biological age decreased. You will see physical manifestations, such as increased muscle, weight loss, and an improvement in your energy.

Q. Is the TOTAL T CLINIC program a diet?
Not really. In addition to hormone replacement therapy, our doctors may also assist you with weight loss, nutrition, strength and fitness plans. However, TOTAL T CLINIC is not a fad diet. It’s a full treatment regimen to help you look and feel your best as you adopt a new lifestyle.

Q. What’s the first step?
Simply arrange for a free consultation with one of the hormone replacement therapy doctors here at our San Diego office and we’ll go from there.

Q. What should I expect at my first appointment?
At your initial consultation, we’ll go over your medical history to address both physical and emotional symptoms you may be having. The answers, plus some simple lab work, will give us a good idea of whether you are suffering from andropause, could benefit from testosterone replacement therapy, or could benefit from additional bioidentical hormone therapy from our doctors.

Q. What happens after my test results come back?
Once our doctors have looked over your medical questionnaire and lab work, they’ll come up with a treatment plan. Men will often undergo testosterone replacement to treat their Low T. Depending on the severity of symptoms, our doctors may also work with you on nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Q. How long will treatment last?
Unlike taking a pill prescribed by the family doctor, realigning the body’s complex hormonal relationships can take time, and this varies for every person. Our doctors will monitor you closely for signs of improvement, adjusting dosages if needed. Many patients see a visible difference within the first month.

Q. Does insurance cover your treatment program?
TOTAL T CLINIC accepts most insurance. Call for further detail to see if your insurance covers the treatment.

Q. Will your clinic assume my primary medical care?
No. Our clinic only treats aging, not diseases. We don’t replace your primary physician’s care, we supplement it. When appropriate, we will consult with your primary physician.

Q. How do I get my hormones tested?
We test your hormones with a simple blood draw in our office. The blood draw can be done on your initial visit by one of our nurses. Your testosterone results will be known within 20 minutes.

Q. Are there any side effects from hormone treatments?
Bioidentical hormones have the same molecular structure as the hormones made naturally by our bodies, so there are relatively few side effects. Possibilities include carpal tunnel syndrome, edema (swelling), and acne. Adjusting the dose to achieve optimal levels usually eliminates these symptoms.