Irritable Male Syndrome: Mood Swings in Andropause


Everyone in San Diego is familiar with Pre-Menstrual Syndrome in women, or PMS. The hormone fluctuations experienced during a woman’s menstrual cycle can make her moody and irritable before her period. New research is showing that men may experience something quite similar: Irritable Male Syndrome, or IMS.

Moody Men

Irritability in men has been linked to a combination of low testosterone levels, a product of aging, and high cortisol levels, often caused by stress. Increased cortisol can directly cause testosterone levels to lower as well. Higher estrogen levels in men may also be to blame for irritability, a common symptom of Low T, or low testosterone.

Hormone imbalance is very typical in men as they age; this process of testosterone loss is called andropause. As testosterone levels drop, estrogen levels are able to increase, along with mood swings, irritability, fatigue and reduced sex drive. In other words, IMS. Much like menopause in women, treatment of andropause with hormone replacement therapy can relieve the worst of these symptoms and return hormone levels back to normal.

Getting Help

Far too many San Diego men fail to seek treatment for symptoms of andropause and Low T, either because the symptoms are subtle and often missed, or because they are embarrassed about their new levels of sensitivity. While mood changes are totally normal, emotional extremes to the point of social isolation or depression are not. Getting the help you need may be as simple as hormone replacement therapy, to restore testosterone levels back to normal and eliminate IMS for good.