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    What is Low Testosterone?

    Low T – the common term for the decrease in male hormone levels –  is frequently experienced by men of all ages. This natural change in male hormone levels is also known as andropause. Typically, men’s testosterone levels begin to decrease as they move through their 30s, as the aging body is no longer able to produce the hormone at previous youthful levels. However, men of any age may be at risk for Low T if they suffer from obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol.

    Why is testosterone important?

    Testosteorne is an anobolic or building hormone. A decrease in this vital hormone (Low T) affects the function of both the body and mind. Symptoms include:

    • Decreased sense of overall well being, perception of energy level and vigor.
    • Decline in muscle mass and strength.
    • Increase in body fat, particularly abdominal fat and pectoral fat
    • Decrease in bone density.
    • Decline in sex drive and frequency of sexual thoughts/interest.
    • Increased erectile dysfunction and diminished sexual response.
    • Decline in stamina and exertional performance.
    • Decline in cognitive skills, concentration and memory.
    • Increase in coronary artery disease (CAD) and cholesterol derangement.

    Can Low T be corrected?

    Several natural remedies may help with Low T and its associated symptoms, including increased sleep, reduced stress, improved diet and resistance training. For most men, however, addressing the environmental causes of Low T will not restore testosterone to an optimal, youthful level.

    In these cases, the ideal treatment for Low T is medically supervised testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). This is accomplished with simple weekly bio-identical testosterone injections or daily application of testosterone cream. Licensed treatment should also include regular monitoring of key blood levels to safeguard health and guarantee a positive result.