The Top 5 Low T Symptoms


Low T for San Diego men may sound like a minor problem, but it impacts multiple aspects of both physical and mental health. There are five primary symptoms to look for in order to determine whether Low T may be the cause of your health and energy problems.

1. Decreased Sex Drive
Has your sex drive dropped recently? Lowered libido is one of the primary symptoms that can indicate lowered systemic testosterone. Hormone therapy can help bring hormone levels up to where they should be.

2. Low Energy
Do you feel sluggish and exhausted just from your normal routine? Having low energy regularly is another one of the typical Low T symptoms.

3. Depression or Moodiness
For those suffering from Low T in the San Diego area, gloomy depression can linger despite our sunny weather. If you feel you’ve been suffering from mood swings or persistent feelings of sadness, Low T could be the culprit.

4. Hair Loss
Hair thinning and hair loss are also commonly associated with reduced testosterone levels. If you notice these changes have happened recently, hormone imbalances could be to blame.

5. Sexual Dysfunction
Along with lowered sex drive, have you noticed a change in your sexual performance as well? Proper hormonal balance is key in maintaining normal sexual function.

If any of these five symptoms sound all too familiar, consider coming in for a consultation. Low testosterone levels can greatly diminish your quality of life, and you deserve to live life to its fullest extent.