Testosterone Level Studied to Reduce Weight Gain and for Diabetes Prevention


A recent research has found that with progress in age, a man starts to gain weight and witnesses a decline in testosterone. Researcher Gary A. Wittert from the University of Adelaide said in order to help them they have come up with a plan.

They will be providing them with testosterone supplements as well as will help lose weight by making them go through Weight Watchers, weight loss program. “By giving testosterone supplements to men in that critical pre-diabetes stage, and by putting them on a dedicated weight-loss program, we expect to see sustained reductions in weight”, said Wittert.

In order to carry out the process, Wittert said they have been recruiting approximately 1,500 men aged between 50 and 74 years. Those men who are at maximum risk of developing type-2 diabetes will be recruited for the experiment.

New South Wales, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria are the places from where people are being enrolled for the experiment. The study is expected to be carried out for at least two years, said Wittert.

Participants will be allowed to have an access to Weight Watchers. It will be then their wish to either have an access through online medium or by having one-to-one interaction.