Testosterone deficiencies increase risk of death in men with diabetes

A testosterone test may provide men with type 2 diabetes a glimpse of their risk of dying young. New research has connected untreated deficiencies of the hormone to a higher risk of death among this group.

The University of Sheffield researchers who conducted the study said that their findings are important because testosterone deficiencies are a known complication of diabetes. Many men with the condition suffer from hormonal problems. The findings indicate that more of these men should be receiving treatment.

For the study, the researchers examined the hormone levels of 587 men with type 2 diabetes. The participants were classified as having healthy testosterone levels, receiving treatment for deficiencies or having untreated low levels. The men were then followed for six years.

The results showed that 20 percent of the participants with untreated testosterone deficiencies died during the study, while only 9 percent of those with normal levels died during the testing period. Just 8.6 percent of men who were being treated for hormone deficiencies passed away during the study.

The researchers said that their findings may help advance the understanding of complications that can arise in diabetics from hormone deficiencies.