Natural Ways to Fight off Symptoms of Low Testosterone in San Diego



An article from WAFB – Baton Rouge recounts one man’s experience in the battle against low testosterone levels:

 When Karl Rothermel was in his mid 30s, he says he felt rundown instead of feeling in his prime.

“I was 35 and I was saying, ‘Why am I so tired? Why are these things happening?'” said Rothermel.

Rothermel went to his primary care physician and listed off his symptoms, which included extreme fatigue, weight gain and depression. A blood test revealed he was suffering from low testosterone.

If Rothermel’s story sounds familiar, it could be because you or your loved one are one of the two to six million men living with low T. Testosterone is the male hormone responsible for energy, red blood cell production, muscle mass, sex drive and more…

Although more and more men are realizing they have low testosterone, many of these men fail to understand that testosterone levels are affected by their lifestyle. If low testosterone in San Diego males like you has started to manifest, try making changes to the following aspects of your life:


The lack of a good night’s rest affects more than just your ability to think clearly. According to several studies, poor sleep for a week can lower testosterone levels by up to 15 percent. With that in mind, try your best to sleep the recommended 7-8 hours every night.


A healthy diet does more than keep your heart working; it also affects your testosterone levels. For example, men who have high LDL cholesterol levels were found to have a much lower testosterone level than other men. Try to add food rich in vitamin D to your diet as it can help raise testosterone levels by as high as 90 percent.


The amount of testosterone your body produces will match its needs. The more active you are, the more testosterone your body will produce and vice versa. Be sure to get the weekly recommended amount of exercise (150 minutes for moderate-intensity exercises, and 75 minutes for vigorous-intensity exercises).

If you’ve tried the tips above and still suffer from the symptoms of low testosterone, it’s time to have yourself examined at San Diego testosterone treatment centers like Total T Clinic. An experienced doctor can help determine the cause of your lowered testosterone levels and suggest an appropriate treatment method.

(Source: Testosterone therapy becoming more common among men; WAFB – Baton Rouge; July 28, 2014)