Men with stressful jobs likely to be a flop in bed because of Low T


Men with tough jobs are more likely to be flops in bed than those with less stressful careers, research suggests.

The study found men with high psychological job demands suffer menopause-like symptoms including lack of energy, depression decreased libido and erectile difficulties.

The Japanese study showed that men with mentally challenging jobs had lower testosterone levels and this was associated with a decreased sex drive.

Researchers looked at the lifestyles of 183 men with an average age of 52 and checked levels of the male hormone testosterone by taking blood samples.

They found a positive link between high job demands, lower testosterone levels and menopause-like symptoms among the volunteers.

Symptoms including lack of energy, depression, decreased libido, and erectile difficulties are often observed in middle-aged or elderly men.

Those symptoms collectively are termed ‘andropause’ to imply a state of hormone deficiency, similar to menopause symptoms suffered by women.

The authors from universities in Osaka and Okayama, Japan, reported: “The findings suggest that psychosocial job characteristics are related to andropause symptoms in Japanese middle-aged male workers.

“Specifically, high job demands could intensify the association between testosterone levels and andropause symptoms. “Symptoms of andropause fatigue can be explained not only by hormonal changes but also by stress.

“Adverse psychosocial job characteristics should be improved to prevent andropause symptoms and mental health disorders in middle-aged male workers.”

The research is published in the science journal Maturitas.