Male Hormone Treatment – Testosterone or HGH?


If you are suffering from low levels of human growth hormone (HGH) and feel easily exhausted, it’s time to put your energy in high gear with male hormone treatment in San Diego. HGH is responsible for growth during childhood, and as an adult you need the hormone for tissue repair and regeneration. However, by the time you reach age 30, HGH levels begin to decline by 14 percent or more of their peak levels and there is no longer production of the hormone to repair the damage occurring to the body.

Our male hormone treatment clinic also offers testosterone replacement as an effective way to help you achieve peak physical and mental health. Testosterone can help:

• Enhance lean muscle
• Improve sexual desire
• Reduce unwanted body fat, especially abdominal fat
• Get rid of cellulite
• Increase muscle mass
• Lower cholesterol levels
• Restore hormone balance
• Re-grow internal organs that might have borne the effects of aging
• Put energy in high gear
• Control effects of aging by reducing wrinkling of the skin

If you have experienced a decrease in libido, energy, strength, endurance, and enjoyment of life, it is time to consult our male hormone treatment doctors in San Diego. Our skilled specialists will evaluate your medical history and symptoms to determine which treatment is most appropriate.