Male Hormone Treatment for Better Muscle Tone


Male hormone treatment may be essential if you are suffering from loss of muscle mass, loss of hair, and low libido. In addition to providing greater energy, it can help in the development of muscle growth, body hair, and bone.

There is a proportional relationship between muscle loss and falling testosterone levels. Age-related muscle loss can start in the 20s but becomes worse for many men in their 40s, 50s and 60s. Muscle cells experience atrophy over time, with muscle fiber being converted into fat, as motor neurons are no longer able to send signals to the brain to work the muscles. San Diego male hormone treatment benefits can be immense, helping increase muscle strength, mass, and flexibility while reducing muscle and joint pain and body fat.

Testosterone is vital for strong muscles, as it binds to receptors in the muscle cells, helping muscles to contract, expand, and grow. With loss of testosterone, there is an increasing risk of male muscle loss, since the body lacks enough of the hormone to bind your muscle cells. However, significant improvement can be observed in muscle tone when male hormone treatment is administered to the patient.

As muscle tone improves, skin elasticity increases and wrinkles become less noticeable, with hair and nails growing stronger. Put simply, hormone replacement therapy reduces the unwanted signs of aging.