Maintaining a Safe HGH Program

Just like every prescription medication, human growth hormone (HGH) treatment in San Diego should only be taken under the care of trained medical professionals. Although HGH has received some bad press, it’s important to remember that the treatment itself is not the problem. Instead, it’s not taking the time to make sure that your treatment program is safe and follows the appropriate medical guidelines.

The Safety of Hormone Therapy

Human Growth Hormone aids in new cell growth and cellular repair and regeneration. There have been many studies attesting to the effectiveness and safety of HGH treatment when taken under the supervision of a physician and medically monitored throughout treatment. Clinical studies also indicate that insufficient hormone levels can upset many of the body’s most vital systems, so remaining untreated is not a wise choice.

HGH treatment, much like any other prescription, has the capacity for abuse. For example, athletes may take doses of HGH far beyond what’s recommended by any physician in order to gain better physical performance. The negative side effects that result from exceeding safe dosage levels are then emphasized in the media, and HGH itself is held to blame. Again, it’s not the HGH treatment itself, but the abuse of it that causes potentially harmful effects. When used at the proper dosage and under a doctor’s care, many patients see tremendous improvement in quality of life.

Finding Your Program

A reliable HGH treatment program should only prescribe HGH if your IGF-1 levels indicate an imbalance. HGH, although tremendously beneficial for those who need it, should not be prescribed to everyone indiscriminately. Find a clinic that treats you as an individual, and has a solid reputation, and you’ll be on your way to pursuing safe HGH treatments.