How a Female Hormone Helps San Diego Testosterone Therapy for Males

Testosterone replacement therapy in San Diego involves two essential ingredients. The first, of course, is testosterone, which can be injected, applied topically, or both. Testosterone is largely responsible for a lot of definitive male traits such as increased muscle mass, redder blood cells, and a more satisfying time in bed.

The second component, which may raise some eyebrows, is human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This is a far cry from the male-dominant image of testosterone because hCG is a hormone produced in great amounts during pregnancy. It releases fat reserves to nourish the fertilized egg in the early stages of pregnancy.

In essence, the procedure involves a male-associated hormone being enhanced by a female-associated hormone. However, steroids expert Bill Roberts explains that it’s an ideal match.

Including HCG as part of a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) program is superior to relying on testosterone alone if maintenance of sperm production and/or normal testicle size is considered important. Use of testosterone alone can result in infertility or reduced fertility, as normal testicular function depends on higher intratesticular testosterone levels than results from such use.

The Simpler Version
Without hCG, injectable or topical testosterone will simply diminish without replacement. This is because the hCG signals your testicles to keep the testosterone flowing. It acts like a luteinizing hormone (LH), in which one of its functions involve sex steroid production. The LH stimulates a group of testosterone producers called Leydig cells.

Furthermore, without this stimulation, your testicles would shrink. Hormonal overdose can also induce the same effect.

Impeccable Timing
San Diego testosterone therapy centers like Total T Clinic must administer the hCG at the right time, lest they run the risk of desensitizing the Leydig cells. It would mean the cells wouldn’t be able to respond to the body’s own LH effectively, meaning low-T all over again. The timeframe for injecting hCG is usually within a week, the half-life of injectable testosterone.

Your therapist will detail your treatment to give you an idea on what to expect. Treatment must wait until normal testosterone production normalizes for the best effect. You can expect doctors to know this critical detail. This is why hCG, for all its feminine associations, is an important part of a male-exclusive therapy.

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