Does Low T Cause Baldness?


There is a persistent myth out there that low testosterone levels, or Low T, causes baldness. The reality is that baldness, in both men and women, may arise from a number of factors, and testosterone is not one of them. A testosterone therapy program from our San Diego doctors can help restore testosterone levels to normal, but will it impact the hair on your head?

True Causes of Baldness

When most people think of baldness, they probably envision androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, the most common form of hair loss in men. For this type of baldness, the trigger is a hormone called DHT.

Medical science does not yet fully understand the way DHT affects hair growth. However, studies show that when men are genetically predispositioned, DHT causes deterioration of the hair follicle. The growth phase of the hair shaft is then shortened, and hair is no longer able to mature properly. Over time, this hair becomes increasingly thinner until the follicle eventually becomes completely dormant.

Hormone Treatment

For many men in San Diego, male hormone replacement therapy is a successful treatment for low T. As we age, our hormone production changes, causing all kinds of physical and mental issues like low energy, mood swings and changes in libido and sexual performance. There is a long list of things that hormone therapy can accomplish.

One thing Low T is not responsible for, however, is going bald. While hormone replacement can resolve many other physical and emotional symptoms of testosterone imbalance, the treatment won’t cause your hair to grow back. Once your lifestyle reflects your newfound energy, though, you’ll be too busy to notice a few missing hairs.