Could Low T Cause Anxiety?


Have you been suffering from anxiety for years and nothing has helped? It’s possible your hormones are to blame. Although the primary reason for male hormone replacement therapy in San Diego is usually due to low testosterone, it’s quite likely that men with Low T are also experiencing a variety of symptoms they had no idea were related, including anxiety.

The Cortisol-Anxiety Connection

When the human body suffers from stress, the adrenal glands release cortisol into the bloodstream. This hormone helps prepare our bodies for the “fight or flight” response left over from our hunter-gatherer days, when it was a choice of eating or being eaten. Cortisol gives the body an extra surge of energy that boosts the heart rate, improves the availability of energy stores for immediate use, and shuts down nonessential body functions. One of these body functions is testosterone production.

In today’s world, we rarely need the help from cortisol to run away from major predators, but prolonged stress at work or at home can still trigger the fight or flight response. If the stress does not abate, the cortisol production continues as well. High cortisol levels can be one of the contributing factors to developing anxiety disorders; with the body running at such a high level of stress full-time, the mind forgets how to relax.

As a result, men suffering from anxiety and depression are commonly suffering from Low T as well. Low T on its own, even without heightened cortisol levels, can cause symptoms of anxiety as well as depression. If you’ve tried everything and nothing has helped your anxiety, it might be time to check your testosterone.