Common Misdiagnoses for Low T


Many men with Low T (low testosterone) may not have any idea that hormones are to blame for their other health issues. Yet, misdiagnosis of low testosterone is extremely common, since so many of the symptoms of Low T can be explained away by other health conditions. Here’s a look at some of the most common.

Erectile Dysfunction

Every man experiences performance issues from time to time, but prolonged problems achieving or maintaining an erection combined with a reduced sex drive is often diagnosed as erectile dysfunction. Since this is a very familiar condition that’s easily treated with prescription oral medication like Viagra, many doctors fail to look deeper to determine if there’s an underlying cause for sexual performance issues. Low testosterone could be to blame.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This syndrome cannot be diagnosed based on anything except a patient’s explanation of symptoms, which often come down to persistent aches and pains and an overwhelming fatigue. Both of these are also very common symptoms seen by bioidentical hormone therapy doctors who are familiar with treating San Diego men going through andropause. Increasing testosterone may alleviate the symptoms you thought were due to CFS.

Clinical Depression

Symptoms for depression, like those for CFS, really can’t be diagnosed by any lab test. While many doctors will order a variety of lab tests when a patient presents with symptoms of depression, these are usually to rule out more serious (and objectively testable) health concerns. Hormone levels are rarely one of the tests conducted, so patients are put on anti-depressants rather than hormone therapy.

Remember, the most effective treatment for any health condition begins with an accurate diagnosis. If you have symptoms of Low T, ask your doctor to test your hormones as part of your check-up.