Can Low T Impact Women Too?


While “Low T” is a phrase heard most often in reference to men’s health, testosterone does play an important role for women as well. For both men and women, a balance of different hormones is essential in maintaining optimal health. Could low testosterone levels have an impact on women as well as in men, and should women’s hormone replacement therapy address this concern?

How Does Testosterone Affect Women?
Although present in much lower amounts, testosterone levels do impact how women’s bodies feel and function. Several aspects of women’s health are affected by maintaining healthy testosterone production in women:

  • Bone Health: Too little testosterone in women can compromise bone growth and strength, similar to lowered testosterone levels in men.
  • Cognitive Function: Changes in cognition can occur in response to varying hormone levels, including testosterone, for both men and women.
  • Pain Management: An imbalanced ratio of testosterone to estrogen can impact pain response in women.
  • Sex Drive: A reduced sex drive in women may be associated with a dip in testosterone levels, especially after menopause.

How Treatment Helps
When it comes to hormone replacement therapy, there’s never one solution that works for every patient. Instead, an individualized approach must be taken to address each man or woman’s unique needs. For some women, this may include incorporating testosterone replacement, albeit in much smaller levels than male hormone replacement therapy. Balancing the hormones can help improve cognitive function, boost sex drive and help improve bone health and pain management when the right combination of treatments is used.