Beat Low Testosterone in San Diego with the Help of Latest Treatments

An increasing concern about low testosterone from San Diego men is just a sign of the times. It is the logical result of the media attention that surrounds the condition, with men being told that if they don’t feel in peak condition, they should ask their doctors about low testosterone.

Why all the commotion? This is because testosterone is what makes men, men. The hormone governs the masculine sex drive and gives males the muscles and the hairy chests that pop culture often defines as the marks of a real man. While a decrease in this hormone usually happens because of age, there can also be several other reasons for such a decline. As an example, HealthDay contributor Robert Preidt recently wrote an article about a study that linked common chemicals to lower testosterone levels:

“We found evidence of reduced levels of circulating testosterone were associated with increased phthalate exposure in several key populations, including boys ages 6-12, and men and women ages 40-60,” study author John Meeker, of the University of Michigan School of Public Health in Ann Arbor, said in a journal news release.

Higher levels of phthalates were associated with an 11 percent to 24 percent decline in testosterone levels among women aged 40 to 60, and a 24 percent to 34 percent drop in testosterone levels in boys ages 6 to 12.

In the long run, reduced testosterone has several negative effects. One is a change in a man’s sexual drive: He feels reduced sexual desire and develops fewer spontaneous erections. Furthermore, he could end up with erectile dysfunction and even infertility. Another outcome that a person suffering from low testosterone can experience is insomnia and other sleep problems.

Still another aspect of the condition is a set of undesirable physical effects such as increased body fat along with reduced muscle bulk and strength. Men with low testosterone can also experience drastic mood changes and feel depressed with a corresponding decrease in motivation. Additionally, concentration and memory may start to suffer.

Thankfully, there are clinics offering low testosterone treatment around San Diego like Total T Clinic. These facilities offer the latest methods that can help boost a man’s testosterone levels. For instance, testosterone injections can be done directly to the patient’s muscles (the amount and frequency of injections will determine how soon the symptoms will subside). For those who don’t want needles touching their skin, a gel solution can be applied to the upper arm, under the armpit, or right in the inner thigh; the testosterone is then absorbed through the skin.

(Source: Common Chemicals May Lower Testosterone Levels, Study Finds, HealthDay, August 14, 2014)