Addressing Low Testosterone in San Diego Can Help Avoid Grave Problems

You may be in danger of grave medical problems such as sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) if your testosterone levels are close to bottoming out, requiring treatment well before the threat takes shape. Andrew Smith provided further details in a recent article for the Healthcare Professionals Network:

Research suggests that low testosterone levels may indicate that men face a greater risk of sudden cardiac arrest.

A study team from Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute, which published its findings in Heart Rhythm, analyzed sex hormone levels in 149 patients who experienced sudden attacks and found unusually low testosterone levels among the men and unusually high estradiol levels among both the men and the women.

“Because [sudden cardiac arrest] is usually fatal, we are constantly looking for ways to predict which patients are susceptible so we can concentrate on prevention,” said study author Sumeet Chugh, MD, in a news release that accompanied publication of the results. “If we wait until someone has a [sudden cardiac arrest], it is usually too late for treatment.”

Such a development can unsettle San Diego, CA men who may not have much of an active lifestyle that fires up testosterone levels to the limit. America’s Finest City is home to a proud sporting culture, from professional and collegiate football to rugby sevens and the triathlon. If the effects of meager testosterone levels are close to becoming apparent, a medical practice with solutions for low testosterone in San Diego like the Total T Clinic can help you break that impasse.

A free consultation with your preferred low-T therapist may uncover the current testosterone level and cross-check it with a full medical examination. The Cedars-Sinai researchers mentioned in the article above analyzed data from an SCA study in Oregon and compared the levels of the 149 cardiac-arrest victims against those from a control group. The male victims’ median testosterone was pegged at 4.4 nanograms per milliliter against the 5.4 ng/mL level for the men in the control group. No differences were seen among women in both groupings.

Estradiol, the prime female sex hormone but also present in men, was also found to have raised the risk of SCA especially during episodes of lower testosterone levels. In the article, Smith said that the male SCA patients’ estradiol levels numbered at 68 picograms per milliliter against the control group men’s 52 pg/mL.

A San Diego testosterone treatment program offers a complete solution in itself. Your doctor may oversee the injection of testosterone solutions, or you might be asked to self-administer gel creams that will be absorbed by your body.

It’s never too late to look after your body even in the prime of your life. Doctors knowledgeable in low-T like the Total T Clinic’s Dr. John Alexander II are there to work things out with you.

(Source: Lower Levels of Testosterone in Blood Linked to Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest, HCPLive, 23 September 2014)